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Darren Almond

Darren Almond’s Fullmoon series of prints was made from long-exposure photographs taken during a full moon in the Rwenzori Mountains near Lake Kitandara in Uganda. Almond described the uncertainty of night photography: “You go off into nature and sit down and look into one spot for an hour . . . you never know what you’re getting.” The speculative endeavor recalls past explorers’ search for the elusive source of the Nile in these mountain peaks, dubbed centuries ago the Mountains of the Moon.


Darren Almond (left) examining a working proof with printer Asa Muir-Harmony at Crown Point Press, 2010, photograph by Kathan Brown, Courtesy Crown Point Press

Banner image: Detail, Susan Middleton, Requiem, 2008, color photogravure, National Gallery of Art, Washington, Gift of Kathan Brown, Courtesy Susan Middleton

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