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Each stage in the creative process contains a series of choices — a work can develop in any number of ways. In effect, each working proof represents many possible beginnings or — maybe — a conclusion. This final gallery of the exhibition features artists who embraced the speculative and open-ended nature of the creative process. For them, testing the possibilities and permutations of reworking an image is as interesting as the image itself; the path of creative discovery trumps any preconceived ideas about the final destination. Being receptive to what may develop is essential. Maybe, these projects suggest, there is no such thing as an ultimate or right choice; instead, there are many potential resolutions.

Banner image: Detail, Pat Steir, Kweilin Dreaming 88, 1998, color woodcut with hand-painting and pen-and-ink drawing on silk mounted to paper, Crown Point Press, © Pat Steir

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