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Collections from Scholars

The department of image collections has been fortunate to acquire the photographic research collections of many art historians affiliated with the National Gallery of Art and the Center for Advanced Study in the Visual Arts. The majority of these collections were gifts (noted with an asterisk). The following is a selection.


Edgar Peters Bowron (1943–)*
Curator at the National Gallery of Art and Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. Director of the Harvard Art Museums. Photographs and research papers pertaining to 18th-century Roman painting and Pompeo Batoni in particular. Bowron’s research materials were also included in the Anthony M. Clark gift and vice versa (13,000 photographs and transparencies).  More


Walter Cahn (1933‒)*
Medievalist and professor of art history at Yale University. Medieval sculpture in American collections (900 photographs).


Anthony M. Clark (1923‒1976)*
Director of the Minneapolis Museum of Art as well as curator at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Photographs and research papers pertaining to 18th-century Roman painting. Some of Clark’s research materials were also included in the Bowron gift and vice versa (11,500 photographs and negatives). More


Gertrude Achenbach Coor (1915–1962)*
Scholar of 13th- through 15th-century Sienese painting, especially Neroccio de’ Landi. Primarily 13th- through 16th-century painting. Gift of Institute of Fine Arts, New York University. (5,000 photographs and clippings). More


Otto Demus, (1920–1990)
Austrian art historian and Byzantinist. Illustrations from his 1984 book The Mosaics of San Marco in Venice. (1,200 black-and-white negatives). For more information, see Digital Projects.


Frank R. DiFederico (1933–1987)*
Professor at University of Maryland. Images from The Mosaics of Saint Peter's: Decorating the New Basilica. Photographs and research papers for his book Francesco Trevisani, 18th-Century Painter in Rome are included in the Anthony M. Clark Archive (300 photographs and negatives).


Robert Enggass (1921–2003)*
Primarily images from his book Early Eighteenth Century Sculpture in Rome (2,500 photographs and negatives). More


Richard Fremantle (1936‒2018)
Art historian and collector based in Florence. Photographs from his book Florentine Gothic Painting (3,000 photographs). More


Gustav Glück (1871–1952)
Director of the Academy of Fine Arts, Picture Gallery (Gemäldegalerie), Vienna. Dutch and Flemish baroque paintings, including photos of the Leon & Antonie Lilienfeld Collection, Vienna (included in Richter Archive).


James M. Goode (1939‒)*
Photographs from his books The Outdoor Sculpture of Washington, DC; Best Addresses: A Century of Washington's Distinguished Apartment Houses; and Washington Sculpture (11,200 photographs and negatives, 2,000 digital images). More


Alan Gowans (1923‒2001)
Architectural historian whose archive of Images of North American Living document types and styles of buildings in the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. (25,000 color slides). More


Sheldon Grossman (1940‒2021)*
Curator. Italian Renaissance and baroque paintings, especially 16th-century Florentine (5,400 photographs, negatives, and postcards). More


Henry-Russell Hitchcock (1903–1987)*
Architectural historian and Smith College professor. Photographs of German architecture including illustrations from his books German Renaissance Architecture and Netherlandish Scrolled Gables of the Sixteenth and Early Seventeenth Centuries. Gift of H.-R. Hitchcock and Gift of Institute of Fine Arts, New York University (5,200 photographs).


René Huyghe (1906–1997)*
Personal archive of this former curator of paintings and drawings at the Musée du Louvre, Paris, and National Gallery of Art Kress Professor (1967‒1968), reflecting his wide interest in European and American art and architecture. Particularly strong in Italian and French art, as well as the French imprint on Indonesia (47,000 photographs, some by purchase). More


Katharine Kuh (1904‒1994)*
First curator of modern painting and sculpture at the Art Institute of Chicago and Saturday Review art critic. Collection of 20th-century art, including a mural series by Diego Rivera photographed by Tina Modotti (3,000 photographs). More


Mark Lansburgh (1925‒2013)
Art historian and collector. A unique photographic survey of manuscript illuminations from European and American repositories. (5,200 color slides). More.


Richard Offner (1889–1965)*
Professor at the Institute of Fine Arts (IFA) of New York University. This archive was formerly owned by the IFA and housed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Primarily 13th- through 16th-century painting, largely related to his Critical and Historical Corpus of Florentine Painting. Also includes research and lecture notes. Gift of Institute of Fine Arts, New York University (50,000 photos, clippings and negatives). More


Ann Percy (1940–)*
Curator of drawings at Philadelphia Museum of Art. Primarily materials from her 1985 Bernardo Cavallino exhibition and drawings of Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione. (2,600 photographs and negatives). More


John Rewald (1912‒1994)*
Professor and noted scholar of 19th-century art. His archive includes the Lionelli Venturi/John Rewald archive on Paul Cézanne, including images of works of art and site photographs for comparison with paintings, and other groups of photographs of French impressionism (8,100 photographs, some by purchase). Note: John Rewald's papers are preserved in the National Gallery of Art Archives.


E. P. Richardson (1902‒1985)*
Former director of the Detroit Institute of Arts. Photographs of European paintings and sculpture reflecting that collection (1,300 photographs). More


Rudolf Meyer Riefstahl (1880-1936)* 
Scholar of Islamic art and architecture, Professor at New York University.  Photographs primarily of Anatolian architecture, and Islamic art with particular emphasis on carpets. Gift of Institute of Fine Arts, New York University (10,511 photos).


Anne Markham Schulz (1938‒)
Scholar of Venetian Renaissance sculpture who has facilitated extensive photography campaigns throughout Venice (4,500 photographs to date). More


Juergen Schulz (1927‒2014)*
Professor and chairman of the art department at Brown University;  National Gallery of Art Kress Professor (2000-2001).  His research collection documents Byzantine influence on medieval and Renaissance Venetian architecture and sculpture (4,300 photographs). More


Richard Spear (1940-)*
Professor of the Italian Baroque. 17th century painting, but also French, Flemish, and Spanish (mostly followers of Caravaggio). (2,600 photographs). More


Wendy Stedman Sheard (1935‒1998)*
Venetian Renaissance sculpture, with particular emphasis on the Lombardo family (3,000 photographs and negatives). More 


James Stubblebine (1920–1987)*
Professor at Rutgers University. Primarily 13th- and 14th-century painting, particularly Duccio di Buoninsegna and his school. Also includes research notes, especially on Duccio. Gift of Institute of Fine Arts, New York University (4,500 photos and clippings). More


Scott A. Sullivan (1947‒)*
Art historian and Dean of the College of Fine Arts at Texas Christian University.  Photographs, clippings, transparencies and negatives of Dutch and Flemish still life paintings and drawings (540 photos, clippings, transparencies and negatives). More


Clarence Ward (1884‒1973)*
Oberlin College professor of art history who, with photography by Arthur Princehorn (1904‒2001), documented American and French medieval architecture in the late 1920s and early 1930s (4,500 photographs, negatives, and digital files). For more information, see Digital Projects. More


Martin Weinberger (1893-1965)*
Authority on Tuscan sculpture and Michelangelo and professor at New York University. Photographs of French and Spanish Romanesque and Italian Renaissance sculpture and architecture. Gift of Institute of Fine Arts, New York University (2,412 photos).


Harold E. Wethey (1902‒1984)*
Scholar of Spanish and Italian art and professor of art history at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. National Gallery of Art Kress Professor (1982‒1983). His archive includes images of work by Titian, El Greco, and Alonso Cano, and European and South American architecture (16,500 photographs and negatives). More


Wolfgang Wolters (1935‒)
Venetian Gothic and Dalmatian sculpture (4,600 photographs and negatives). More


Kress Subvention Grants  
Certain Kress Fellowships require deposit of the resulting images to Image Collections. This program has included projects on Roman ruins at Arles, Attic and Etruscan vases, modern Cuban painting, the Corpus Vitrearum (Hungarian and American stained glass), Crusader sculpture, and an important survey of Moroccan synagogues by the World Monuments Fund.

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