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Gallery Archives

Press Releases: 1974

February 12, 1974
Roosevelt Escher print collection given to National Gallery of Art (PDF 1.9MB)

February 18, 1974
H.W. Janson examines nineteenth-century sculpture in Mellon Lectures (PDF 2.3MB)

March 8, 1974
Nineteenth-Century Sculpture exhibition mounted to correspond with Mellon Lectures (PDF 1.5MB)

March 12, 1974
Carlisle H. Humelsine elected trustee of the National Gallery of Art (PDF 4.6MB)

March 18, 1974
Advance Fact Sheet [African Art and Motion] (PDF 2.1MB)

March 27, 1974
Extended evening hours begin April 1 (PDF 1.5MB)

April 5, 1974
Gallery holds special Petrarch exhibition to commemorate 600th anniversary (PDF 3.7MB)

April 10, 1974
Press-TV-Radio exhibition preview notice [African Art and Motion] (PDF 813KB)

April 23, 1974
African exhibition at National Gallery breaks new ground in art field (PDF 2.2MB)

May 14, 1974
Outstanding North Carolinian scholar receives National Gallery fellowship [C. Ford Peatross, Kress Fellow] (PDF 1.5MB)

June 2, 1974
National Gallery's print collection broadened by major acquisitions (PDF 1.9MB)

June 2, 1974
Old Master drawings are included in National Gallery's recent acquisitions (PDF 1.8MB)

June 2, 1974
Special summer exhibition marks Gallery's accelerated acquisition program (PDF 2.9MB)

June 2, 1974
Key fifteenth-century print [The Adoration of the Magi] acquired by the National Gallery (PDF 1.8MB)

June 7, 1974
Four new curators appointed at the National Gallery of Art [David A. Brown, Curator of Central Italian Painting; E.A. Carmean, Jr., Curator of Twentieth Century Art; Sheldon Grossman, Curator of Italian Painting; and John O. Hand, Curator of Northern European Painting] (PDF 1.8)

June 13, 1974
Major Lehmbruck sculpture [Seated Youth (The Friend)] acquired for Gallery's twentieth-century collection (PDF 4.7MB)

June 17, 1974
Eminent British scholar of Italian Baroque appointed Gallery Kress Professor, 1974-1975 [Ellis K. Waterhouse] (PDF 1.5MB)

June 19, 1974
Gallery shows new contemporary art film series (PDF 1.5MB)

July 10, 1974
Major Giacometti sculpture [The Invisible Object: Hands Holding the Void] acquired for Gallery's twentieth-century collection (PDF 3.1MB)

July 18, 1974
New foreign language tours begin at National Gallery (PDF 1.5MB)

July 24, 1974
Escher acquisitions put on view (PDF 1.4MB)

August 27, 1974
Sunday evening concerts begin 33rd season at National Gallery (PDF 2.1MB)

August 30, 1974
Venetian drawings from American collections exhibited at the National Gallery (PDF 1.5MB)

September 26, 1974
Rare 17th-century Georges de La Tour Magdalen, most important National Gallery acquisition since Leonardo (PDF 2.5MB)

October 7, 1974
Parker Lesley appointed to curatorial staff of the National Gallery (PDF 1.4MB)

October 29, 1974
Archeological finds from the People's Republic of China [to come to the National Gallery of Art] (PDF 1.4MB)

November 14, 1974
Two educators appointed to the National Gallery staff [Joseph J. Reis, Curator, Department of Extension Program Development and Ruth R. Perlin, Curator to assist Reis] (PDF 1.7MB)

December 4, 1974
Exhibition of Rosenwald miniatures marks catalogue publication and CAA [College Art Association] conference (PDF 2MB)

December 6, 1974
Press television-radio notice of opening events at the National Gallery of Art for the Exhibition of Archaeological Finds of the People's Republic of China (PDF 2.5MB)