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Press Releases: 1954

January 12, 1954
[Foreign museum directors and representatives to visit Washington] (PDF 2.7MB)

January 17, 1954
Masterpieces of Pre-Columbian Gold to be on exhibited at National Gallery of Art (PDF 2.1MB)

February 14, 1954
Exhibition of Drawings and Watercolors by Flemish and Dutch Masters [from the De Grez Collection] opening at National Gallery of Art, February 14 (PDF 2.2MB)

February 24, 1954
Collection of early American paintings gift of Edgar William and Bernice Chrysler Garbisch (PDF 5.9MB)

March 19, 1954
Eleventh Annual American Music Festival at the National Gallery of Art (PDF 2.8MB)

May 1, 1954
First exhibition of American primitive paintings from the collection of Edgar William and Bernice Chrysler Garbisch, May 9 though July 11, 1954 (PDF 6.3MB)

June 26, 1954
[David Keppel of the Print Department retiring on June 30, 1954] (PDF 597KB)

July 3, 1954
[Gift of Corot's Italian Girl  from the Avalon Foundation through Ailsa Melon Bruce] (PDF 1.4MB)

July 17, 1954
Gift of art library of the late Julius Meier-Graefe to the National Gallery of Art (PDF 570KB)

July 24, 1954
[Gift of Gilbert Stuart's John Adams and Abigail Smith Adams (Mrs. John Adams) from Mrs. Robert Homans] (PDF 1.3MB)

September 11, 1954
[Bequest of two Renoir works from the late Mrs. Sam A. Lewisohn] (PDF 1.5MB)

September 17, 1954
National Gallery concerts resume (PDF 1.3MB)

October 23, 1954
[Exhibition Renaissance Prints] (PDF 1.6MB)

December 22, 1954
[The Adoration of the Magi by Fra Angelico and Fra Filippo Lippi donated by the Kress Foundation will be placed on view] (PDF 1.5MB)