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Gallery Archives

Press Releases: 1942

January 31, 1942
Gift of painting by Goya [Thérèse Louise de Sureda donated by Mr. and Mrs. Peter H.B. Frelinghuysen] (PDF 743KB)

February 7, 1942
[Loan exhibition of 122 paintings, drawings, and prints, showing American War and Defense activities, will be shown at the National Gallery of Art] (PDF 9.3MB)

February 9, 1942
[Election of officers - David K.E. Bruce, President; F. Lammot Belin, Vice President; and Chester Dale, Associate Vice President - at the Annual Meeting of the Board of Trustees of the National Gallery] (PDF 738KB)

February 14, 1942
[Arrival of collection of French 19th-century paintings from French Museums and private collections] (PDF 4.1MB)

February 17, 1942
[Arrival of paintings from the Chester Dale Collection on indefinite loan] (PDF 912KB)

March 2, 1942
Portrait of former Chief Justice Charles Evans Hughes by Augustus Vincent Tack donated by Duncan Phillips] (PDF 865KB)

March 17, 1942
[Two millionth visitor to the Gallery] (PDF 4.2MB)

April 11, 1942
[41 nineteenth-century French paintings from Chester Dale Collection to be exhibited] (PDF 3.2MB)

April 13, 1942
[Announcement of an exhibition to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Thomas Jefferson's birth] (PDF 732KB)

May 2, 1942
The artists look at the Red Cross (PDF 2.7MB)

May 20, 1942
Concert for servicemen at the National Gallery of Art (PDF 855KB)

May 27, 1942
National Gallery Announces Program for service men's concert May 31 (PDF 796KB)

May 29, 1942
Special Sunday evening openings at the National Gallery of Art (PDF 760KB)

June 3, 1942
[Program for concert to inaugurate special Sunday evening openings] (PDF 934KB)

June 8, 1942
[Copley paintings presented by Mrs. Gordon Dexter] (PDF 885KB)

June 16, 1942
Summer schedule of activities at the National Gallery of Art (PDF 905KB)

June 23, 1942
[Presidents of the South American Republics exhibition at the National Gallery] (PDF 999KB)

July 19, 1942
[Gift of paintings, drawings, and sculpture from Mrs. John W. Simpson] (PDF 1MB)

August 2, 1942
[Francis Garzia of the National Symphony Orchestra will conduct Sunday evening concert on August 2nd] (PDF 882KB)

August 15, 1942
[Program of film-lectures for weekends in September] (PDF 808KB)

August 20, 1942
Gift of the Widener Collection (PDF 4.8MB)

August 20, 1942
[Gift of decorative arts from the Widener Collection] (PDF 5.3MB)

October 3, 1942
[Gift of George W. Davison (Rembrandt Peale's George Washington) and the Warren Delano Estate (Charles Loring Elliot's Captain Warren Delano)] (PDF 1.8MB)

October 8, 1942
[Program concert by the Army Orchestra](PDF 686KB)

October 10, 1942
Six Sunday evening concerts at the National Gallery of Art (PDF 663KB)

October 10, 1942
Exhibition of contemporary Chilean Art (PDF 952KB)

October 18, 1942
[Concert by Army Air Force Band] (PDF 959KB)

December 6, 1942
[Gift of three sculptures from Mrs. Ralph Harman Booth] (PDF 1.7MB)

December 12, 1942
Date fixed for opening of the Widener Collection (PDF 1.5MB)

December 20, 1942
Opening of the Widener Collection (PDF 3.7MB)

December 27, 1942
[Program for Army Music School Choir of Fort Myer, Virginia] (PDF 1.7MB)