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Gallery Archives

Press Releases: 1975

January 1, 1975
National Gallery of Art Bicentennial Activities (PDF 3.9MB)

February 28, 1975
European music in 1776 marks opening of Gallery bicentennial festivities (PDF 1.8MB)

April 10, 1975
Advance Fact Sheet [Master Paintings from the Hermitage and the State Russian Museum, Leningrad] (PDF 3MB)

April 23, 1975
International loan exhibition of Callot graphics opens at National Gallery (PDF 2.2MB)

June 23, 1975
Italians lend famous Venus De'Medici to Gallery's bicentennial Jefferson exhibition (PDF 2.2MB)

July 1, 1975
Television advisory for crews filming the paintings in the exhibition Master Paintings from the Hermitage and the State Russian Museum, Leningrad at the National Gallery of Art (PDF 696KB)

July 22, 1975
Press-Television-Radio notice of opening events at the National Gallery of Art for the Exhibition of Master Paintings from the Hermitage and the State Russian Museum, Leningrad (PDF 1.1MB)

July 22, 1975
Old Master and Russian painting from Leningrad exhibited in U.S. at National Gallery for first time (PDF 1.7MB)

September 4, 1975
European Vision of America, bicentennial exhibition, to open at the National Gallery (PDF 813KB)

September 4, 1975
Advance Fact Sheet [European Vision of America] (PDF 3MB)

September 5, 1975
Works by Haydn contemporaries open National Gallery orchestra's 34th season (PDF 1.8MB)

September 25, 1975
John R. Stevenson appointed trustee of National Gallery of Art (PDF 1.4MB)

September 26, 1975
National Gallery shows Homer watercolors (PDF 1.5MB)

October 28, 1975
Egyptian government to send exhibition of King Tut Treasures to six Major cities in the United States [Treasures of Tutankhamun](PDF 1.9MB)

October 29, 1975
National Gallery forms Collectors Committee (PDF 2.6MB)

November 11, 1975
Advance Fact Sheet: [The Eye of Thomas Jefferson exhibition and note to editors] (PDF 5MB)

November 24, 1975
Press Television-Radio exhibition preview notice [The European Vision of America] (PDF 670KB)

November 24, 1975
Unusual bicentennial feature presented at the National Gallery (PDF 2.2MB)