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Gallery Archives

Press Releases: 1955

January 8, 1955
[Bequest of five paintings from Mrs. Charles D. Draper] (1.5MB)

February 19, 1955
Austrian Drawings and Prints loan exhibition to open February 20 at the National Gallery of Art (PDF 2.2MB)

March 26, 1955
Goya Drawings and Prints exhibition to open (PDF 2.3MB)

April 8, 1955
Twelfth Annual American Music Festival at the National Gallery of Art (PDF 2MB)

July 8, 1955
National Gallery of Art plans exhibition for the 200th anniversary of the birth of William Blake (PDF 607KB)

July 12, 1955
[Decision to release information on new acquisitions to be placed on exhibition at the Gallery and climax of plan for the reorganization and development of the Samuel H. Kress Collection in Washington, D.C.] (PDF 2.6MB)

July 28, 1955
[Award to Peter Davidock, Jr. for superior performance as chief of the Purchasing and Supply Office] (PDF 693KB)

September 2, 1955
National Gallery concerts resume (PDF 1.3MB)

October 1, 1955
German Drawings: Masterpeices from Five Centuries exhibition to open] (PDF 2.7MB)

October 18, 1955
[Chester Dale elected president of the Gallery and retirment of David Finley as director of the Gallery] (PDF 3.9MB)

November 3, 1955
Asian Artists in Crystal exhibition to open mid-January, 1956 (PDF 1.4MB)

November 3, 1955
[Rush H. Kress elected a general Trustee of the National Gallery to succeed his brother, the late Samuel H. Kress] (PDF 753KB)

November 5, 1955
[Exhibition Collection of Contemporary German Prints presented by the people of the Federal Republic of Germany (PDF 4MB)

December 10, 1955
[Exercises to be held in the Gallery inaugurating the first day issue of the Andrew W. Mellon stamp] (PDF 3.3MB)

December 20, 1955
Introductory remarks of David E. Finley, Director of the National Gallery of Art, presiding at the first day issue cermonies of the Andrew W. Mellon commemorative stamp in the National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.] (PDF 2.2MB)