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Gallery Archives

Press Releases: 1976

February 16, 1976
U.S. Bicentennial activities update (PDF 3.7MB)

February 16, 1976
Advance Fact Sheet [The Eye of Thomas Jefferson] and Note to Editors (PDF 4.6MB)

February 24, 1976
Gallery's bicentennial Jefferson exhibition to be aided by Exxon grant (PDF 2MB)

March 11, 1976
Bicentennial musical programs at Gallery begin this Sunday, March 14th (PDF 2MB)

March 15, 1976
1976 Mellon Lectures given by classical scholar Peter Von Blanckenhagen (PDF 2.6MB)

April 8, 1976
National Gallery announces 18th-century fireworks spectacle for June 1 to open bicentennial exhibition (PDF 2.7MB)

April 21, 1976
Spanish lend famous Majas by Goya to National Gallery for bicentennial (PDF 2.2MB)

April 30, 1976
Press-TV-Radio notice re: Majas to go on view (PDF 688KB)

May 12, 1976
Bicentennial gift from Versailles Foundation [marble bust of Louis XVI by Simon-Louis Boizot] presented to National Gallery of Art (PDF 2.6MB)

May 17, 1976
Press-TV-Radio advisory Re: briefing covering arrangements for fireworks event (PDF 1.5MB)

May 20, 1976
Special lecture series to mark Gallery's bicentennial Jefferson exhibition (PDF 2.1MB)

May 24, 1976
Historic flag replicas to be displayed at National Sculpture Garden [New Glory](PDF 1.4MB)

May 24, 1976
How to Photograph the Gallery's 18th-Century-Style Fireworks (PDF 1.4MB)

May 27, 1976
Press-Television-Radio notice of opening events at the National Gallery of Art for The Eye of Thomas Jefferson exhibition and the 18th century-style fireworks spectacle on June 1 (PDF 2.3MB)

July 8, 1976
Queen Elizabeth II visits the National Gallery of Art's bicentennial exhibition The Eye of Thomas Jefferson (PDF 1.3MB)

July 8, 1976
Greeting procedures for Queen Elizabeth II (PDF 691KB)

July 21, 1976
National Gallery offers graphics exhibition and slide presentation related to June 1 fireworks (PDF 1.4MB)

August 1, 1976
Advance Exhibition Schedule (PDF 1.8MB)

August 23, 1976
National Gallery shows Morris Louis paintings (PDF 2.1MB)

August 27, 1976
A. Scarlatti concert to mark closing day of National Gallery's bicentennial exhibition (PDF 1.3MB)

September 1, 1976
Advance Fact Sheet [Treasures of Tutankhamun] (PDF 4.6MB)

September 3, 1976
Sunday evening concerts begin 35th season at National Gallery (PDF 1.9MB)

September 30, 1976
Eminent German scholars of Italian Renaissance appointed 1976-1977 Gallery Kress Professors [Wolfgang Lotz and Ludwig Heinrich Heydenreich] (PDF 1.8MB)

October 22, 1976
[Tokugawa Collection: Nō Robes and Masks to tour U.S.] (PDF 1.5MB)

October 26, 1976
Titian woodcuts shown in quadricentennial celebration (PDF 1.6MB)

November 1, 1976
Memo to Press-Media - advisory on opening events for Treasures of Tutankhamun(PDF 873KB)

November 8, 1976
Tutankhamun Treasures Exhibition Recalls Exciting 1922 Discovery (PDF 2.4MB)

November 10, 1976
John Walker receives National Gallery Medal (PDF 2.2MB)

November 17, 1976
Fact Sheet: Treasures of Tutankhamun (PDF 4.9MB)

November 20, 1976
Gift of major contemporary American graphics collection to the National Gallery of Art announced (PDF 1.5MB)

December 7, 1976
Press-Media advisory [Hours for Tutankhamun exhibit] (PDF 767KB)

December 14, 1976
National Gallery announces acquisition of major synthetic cubist painting by Gris [Fantomas] (PDF 2.2MB)