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Press Releases: 1956

January 14, 1956
Asian Artists in Crystal exhibition to open January 18th at the National Gallery of Art (PDF 6.2MB)

February 18, 1956
[Group of works acquired by Samuel H. Kress, Rush H. Kress and the Samuel H. Kress Foundation to be exhibited] (PDF 4.9MB)

February 18, 1956
[Partial lists of gifts received since the Gallery's Tenth Anniversary Celebration in 1951 for celebration of fifteenth anniversary of the National Gallery] (PDF 3.5MB)

March 22, 1956
[Salvador Dali's The Sacrament of the Last Supper lent by Chester Dale to be placed on view] (PDF 1.5MB)

April 14, 1956
[A Century and a Half of Argentine Painting exhibition opens April 17] (PDF 1.5MB)

April 17, 1956
[Appointment of John Walker as director of the National Gallery of Art effective July 1, 1956] (PDF 1.5MB)

April 19, 1956
[Lecture on A Century and a Half of Painting in Argentina by Dr. Alberto J. Prando] (PDF 718KB)

April 20, 1956
Thirteenth American Music Festival at the National Gallery of Art (PDF 2.4MB)

September 1, 1956
The A.W. Mellon Concerts under direction of Richard Bales, Mozart Bicentennial 1956 (PDF 626KB)

September 7, 1956
National Gallery Concerts resume (PDF 2.2MB)

September 14, 1956
[Appointment of Perry B. Cott as Chief Curator, and Fern Rusk Shapley as Assistant Chief Curator] (PDF 793KB)

October 8, 1956
[Masterpieces of the Italian Renaissance to open on November 21] (PDF 3.1MB)

October 26, 1956
[Exhibition of Italian Renaissance works not coming to America] (PDF 762KB)

December 19, 1956
[Collection of works by George Bellows to open] (PDF 2.9MB)

December 20, 1956
[Gift of Edouard Manet's Le Chemin de Fer from Horace Havemeyer] (PDF 1.5MB)