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Gallery Archives

Press Releases: 1944

February 16, 1944
[Opening of additional room of paintings to include two Canalettos loaned by Mrs. Cary Grant and one Canaletto and one Guardi gift of Joseph E. Widener] (PDF 2.1MB)

February 18, 1944
[The Army at War exhibition to open] (PDF 2MB)

March 11, 1944
[Establishment of an Inter-American office at the National Gallery of Art. Porter A. McCray appointed chief of the newly created office.] (PDF 1.3MB)

March 19, 1944
[Acquisition of Amos Lawrence by Chester Harding] (PDF 1.3MB)

March 25, 1944
[First exhibition of the Index of American Design to open] (PDF 1.3MB)

April 1, 1944
[Exhibition of portraits by Robert Nanteuil to open] (PDF 1.2MB)

April 22, 1944
[Exhibition of official British War Paintings to open] (PDF 1.9MB)

April 29, 1944
[First exhibition of Rembrandt Prints and Drawings at National Gallery to open] (PDF 1.4MB)

May 13, 1944
[Acceptance of gift of two paintings, Corot's The Eel Gatherers and Courbet's The Stream, from Mr. and Mrs. Peter H.B. Frelinghuysen] (PDF 1.2MB)

June 5, 1944
[Exhibition of American Battle Painting from the Revolution through World War I to open] (PDF 1.3MB)

July 1, 1944
Concerts at the National Gallery of Art (PDF 2MB)

July 3, 1944
[Opening of American Battle Painting exhibition] (PDF 1.6MB)

July 22, 1944
[Donation of eighteenth-century French paintings from Samuel H. Kress and the Samuel H. Kress Foundation] (PDF 2.6MB)

September 10, 1944
[Opening of special exhibition illustrating the wartime role of Navy doctors, and the treatment of personnel] (PDF 1.2MB)

September 11, 1944
[Record attendance at the National Gallery of Art for a single day] (PDF 623KB)

September 17, 1944
[Exhibition of paintings and drawings by Coast Guard Combat Artists illustrating the role of the U.S. Coast Guard in offensive action] (PDF 1.4MB)

October 14, 1944
[Exibition of paintings illustrating operations of the Army Air Forces] (PDF 2MB)

October 15, 1944
[Opening of exhibition of etchings and drawings by Alphonse Legros, from the collection of George Matthew Adams] (PDF 1.3MB)

October 21, 1944
[Paintings and sculpture evacuated at the time of Pearl Harbor have been safely returned to the National Gallery from the Biltmore House] (PDF 1.9MB)

October 30, 1944
[Samuel H. Kress donation of collection of rare Italian art] (PDF 6.9MB)

November 19, 1944
[Exhibition opening of French graphic art from Louis XV through the French Revolution] (PDF 2.8MB)