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Press Releases: 1980

January 4, 1980
National Gallery celebrates first 200 years of American furniture and decorative arts (PDF 2.8MB)

January 17, 1980
Gallery tours interpreted for deaf Thursdays and Saturdays (PDF 1.3MB)

January 25, 1980
National Gallery announces Study Center's first visiting and resident scholars (PDF 2.5MB)

January 25, 1980
Carroll J. Cavanagh elected Secretary-General Counsel(PDF 1.2MB)

January 29, 1980
19th-century American Luminist exhibition opens at National Gallery February 10 (PDF 2.9MB)

January 31, 1980
Medieval scholar Peter Kidson to give 1980 Mellon Lectures (PDF 1.3MB)

February 1, 1980
Press previews [American Light and American Decorative Arts] (PDF 781KB)

February 15, 1980
Alexander show premieres at National Gallery in November. Artifacts discovered in royal tomb at Vergina in 1977 to be included (PDF 6.9MB)

February 20, 1980
19th-century Italian drawings [Italian Drawings 1780-1890] exhibition opens March 16 (PDF 1.5MB)

February 22, 1980
Advance Fact Sheet [Post-Impressionism: Cross-Currents in European and American Painting, 1880-1905] (PDF 3.0MB)

March 21, 1980
20th-century works at National Gallery from Harvard's Busch-Reisinger Museum (PDF 1.5MB)

April 7, 1980
National Gallery awards Study Center's fellowships for 1981-1982 (PDF 9.4MB)

April 23, 1980
Major Post-Impressionism exhibition opens at National Gallery May 25 [Post-Impressionism: Cross-Currents in European and American Painting, 1880-1905] (PDF 3.7MB)

April 30, 1980
Trustees publish first detailed report of Gallery's assets and financial activity (PDF 1.9MB)

May 16, 1980
[Press preview notice for Post-Impressionism: Cross-Currents in European and American Painting, 1880-1905 exhibit] (PDF 921KB)

June 12, 1980
Gallery announces acquisition of Lane painting and forthcoming film using American Light exhibition (PDF 1.7MB)

July 9, 1980
Advance Exhibition Schedule (PDF 3.1MB)

August 4, 1980
National Gallery shows major private collection of 20th-century art [The Morton G. Neumann Family Collection] (PDF 3.0MB)

August 29, 1980
39th season of Sunday evening concerts at National Gallery begins September 28 (PDF 2.0MB)

October 2, 1980
Gods, Saints, and Heroes [Dutch Painting in the Age of Rembrandt] to go on view at the National Gallery November 2 (PDF 2.4MB)

October 9, 1980
Two lost and unknown Picassos discovered in exhibition preparation [Picasso: The Saltimbanques] (PDF 2.6MB)

October 23, 1980
National Gallery premieres Search for Alexander November 16 (PDF 3.2MB)

October 30, 1980
Andronikos' lecture opens National Gallery's [Search for] Alexander exhibition (PDF 3.0MB)

October 30, 1980
National Gallery sets up free pass system for [Search for] Alexander show (PDF 1.5MB)

November 12, 1980
Max Ernst sculpture on view as Gallery's Collectors Committee meets (PDF 979KB)

December 1, 1980
National Gallery appoints [Dodge D.] Thompson Executive Curator (PDF 939KB)

December 1, 1980
National Gallery's Study Center appoints [Marianna Shreve Simpson] Assistant Dean (PDF 1.5MB)

December 9, 1980
Note to editors [Special phone number set up for information on exhibition The Search for Alexander] (PDF 925KB)