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Press Releases: 1994

January 10, 1994
Art of Renaissance portrait medals is revealed at National Gallery of Art(PDF 3.1MB)

January 10, 1994
Egon Schiele Premieres at the National Gallery of Art February 6 through May 8, 1994(PDF 3.8MB)

January 10, 1994
National Gallery acquires German portrait medal(PDF 1.5MB)

January 24, 1994
National Gallery of Art invites applications for 1994 Teacher Institute(PDF 1.4MB)

January 24, 1994
National Gallery celebrates France with a mélange of festive activities in February and March(PDF 3.3MB)

January 31, 1994
National Gallery Teacher Institute on Modern Art welcomes principals "team" applications encouraged for Summer 1994(PDF 2.2MB)

February 7, 1994
National Gallery exhibition honors art collector Dr. Ruth B. Benedict(PDF 2.7MB)

February 15, 1994
The Age of Baroque in Portugal extended through April 13 at the National Gallery of Art(PDF 1.5MB)

February 16, 1994
National Gallery acquires newly discovered eighteenth-century French portrait masterpiece(PDF 2.4MB)

February 18, 1994
National Gallery announces funding for Micro Gallery - new public computer information service(PDF 2.3MB)

March 1, 1994
Jasper Francis Cropsey's pendants of war and peace presented together for first time in more than a century at National Gallery, March 6, 1994-April 16, 1995(PDF 2.8MB)

March 2, 1994
Willem de Kooning: Paintings featuring major work in the artist's career opens at the National Gallery on May 8, 1994(PDF 3.1MB)

March 14, 1994
The art of ornamental prints and decorative objects highlighted at National Gallery(PDF 2.4MB)

March 22, 1994
First Andrew W. Mellon professor [Elizabeth Cropper] announced at National Gallery of Art(PDF 1.4MB)

March 22, 1994
Center for Advanced Study in the Visual Arts announces 1994 Mellon lecturer [Jonathan Brown](PDF 1.6MB)

March 24, 1994
Vanguard Art since the 1960s selected from the Vogel Collection for exhibition at National Gallery of Art, opens May 29, 1994(PDF 6.6MB)

March 29, 1994
National Gallery's fifty-first American Music Festival begins April 10, 1994(PDF 2.4MB)

April 27, 1994
National Gallery to publish Rothko catalogue raisonné(PDF 2.9MB)

May 12, 1994
Newly restored Van Eyck masterpiece is showcased in National Gallery exhibition(PDF 3.1MB)

May 20, 1994
National Gallery of Art acquires important Washington color school paintings(PDF 3MB)

June 19, 1994
Master images from photography's first century at National Gallery of Art, June 19-September 11, 1994(PDF 4.1MB)

June 20, 1994
Legendary silent films with live music begin second season at National Gallery, July 2, 1994(PDF 2.4MB)

July 8, 1994
Stunning survey of Lichtenstein prints premieres at National Gallery of Art, October 30, 1994-January 8, 1995(PDF 2.9MB)

August 1, 1994
Advance exhibition schedule(PDF 21.5MB)

August 5, 1994
Milton Avery's joyous spirit shines in print survey at National Gallery of Art, September 18, 1994-January 22, 1995(PDF 4MB)

August 26, 1994
National Gallery's 1994-1995 concert season begins October 2, 1994(PDF 4.1MB)

September 19, 1994
The Glory of Venice comes to National Gallery; Magnificent achievements by 18th-century Venetian artists will be on view January 29 through April 23, 1995(PDF 2.9MB)

October 10, 1994
National Gallery of Art appoints new treasurer [Ann R. Leven](PDF 1.4MB)

October 10, 1994
National Gallery of Art appoints new administrator [Darrell R. Willson](PDF 1.4MB)

October 12, 1994
National Gallery Center for Advanced Study in the Visual Arts announces 1994-1995 appointments(PDF 3.7MB)

October 28, 1994
1994 Collectors Committee gifts announced(PDF 1.9MB)

November 8, 1994
Italian Renaissance architectural models and related works on view at National Gallery December 18, 1994-March 19, 1995(PDF 2.5MB)

November 14, 1994
National Gallery of Art celebrates the 1994 holiday season(PDF 1.5MB)

November 30, 1994
National Gallery of Art expands Art Around the Corner at Seaton, Savoy, and Thomson Elementary Schools(PDF 1.9MB)

November 30, 1994
Major survey of the art of Claes Oldenburg presented throughout the National Gallery's East Building February 12 through May 7, 1995(PDF 2.8MB)